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NFC technology applied to buttons and labels, latest generation 3D-effect digital printing,
modified machinery for creating exclusive patterns and decorations.

The Show, will feature several companies that have applied NFC technology to their products in order to communicate with smartphones through a short-range wireless connection.

Another type of innovative technology adopted by several companies involves avant-garde and elaborate applications on clothes using the latest generation, multi-head machinery, or specifically modified machinery and fabrics processed with laser techniques and 3D engraving.
The Maribert company will be exhibiting buttons made of horn, mother-of-pearl, bone and polyester equipped with their own NFC technology that allows them to interact with mobile phones. Information regarding washing instructions, links to social networks, websites, and so on, is loaded onto the product.

DIENPI is another company that uses NFC technology and will be exhibiting labels and tickets with an identification number that allows the customer to trace the skin lots and their origins with his/her mobile phone. The labels are devised with constantly new processing techniques and raw materials: paper, fabric, leather, eco-skins and Jacron. Creations can be simple or more complex with applications such as studs, strass, embroidery and sewn-on stones.

Gianluca, the producer that works with silk, cork and stone fabrics, also uses the same technology and applies NFC to its own electronic labels to inform the customer of every characteristic concerning the production or materials used.
But ORIGIN PASSION AND BELIEFS is not only about NFC. Blueitaly™ will be presenting 3D-effect digital printing, multi-level transparencies, new generation fringes and clothing that combine hi-tech and design solutions. Linea Ellebi Snc will be exhibiting new decorations created by overlapping a variety of materials and patterns made with strings or miniature lace-effect leather using special, newly-designed, multi-head machines.

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Unique manufacturing for textiles and knitwear, hand-machine embroidery, masterly prototypes for Tailoring and Haute Couture.

Ribelle from Modena, Ricami Laura from Reggio Emilia, Vittoria Bonini Sartoria from Bologna are just some of the companies representative of the Emilian economic framework that have chosen ORIGIN PASSION AND BELIEFS as a privileged showcase to present their new products at the same time as Milano Unica.

The Carpi district, known all over the world for its top quality textile and clothing sector, will be represented, among other companies, by Ribelle srl. The company will be exhibiting unique procedures made by in-house artisans who apply studs, rhinestones and cabochons by hand on all types of clothing and accessories.
Ricami Laura srl will be exhibiting the historical pedal-operated machines from the 60s and '70s on which the company's embroiderers still work today and will also be presenting numerous embroidery techniques on fabric, knitwear and leathers.
Vittoria Bonini Sartoria will be seizing the trade show opportunity to present the new series of prototypes and patterns for Tailored and Haute Couture clothing, a new company line, parallel to that of Wedding Gowns, the company's historical know-how.

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Bags as works of art finished with gold and silver, buttons that speak to smartphones, artificial fibres that look like silk, embroidery with technological innovations for valuable finishings.

Top Lombardy manufacturing quality from Ricamificio Fontana from Caronno Pertusella (VA), Tessitura Grisotto from Azzate (VA), Maribert from Cernusco Lombardone (LC), Abba Ricami from Legnano (MI), just some of the companies representative of the Lombardy economic framework that have chosen ORIGIN PASSION AND BELIEFS as a privileged showcase to present their new products at the same time as Milano Unica scheduled to take place from 11th to 13th July at Milan's Exhibition Centre in Rho.

The dream of Ricamificio Fontana Snc, which at ORIGIN unites the experience and creativity of three different manufacturing artisans - Valenza goldsmiths, leather workers and embroiderers - is realising a dream by placing the art of jewellery at the service of fashion. The company's crowning jewels, just to keep in theme, are their G-Geo® jewel bags, entirely made by hand with precious skins and the highest quality materials. Authentic works of art enriched by artisan goldsmiths with 925 silver embroidery which, as required, can also be gold or even diamonds, with accessories that can be removed and worn as bona fide necklaces, bracelets or rings.

Tessitura Grisotto will be presenting the pride and joy of its high quality production at Origin: a collection of fabrics in Cupro, an artificial cellulose fibre that is made from short cotton filaments and looks shiny and soft like silk. The fabric is then embellished with embroidery, Jacquard patterns, pleating and prints entirely produced in Italy. To complete the offer, the company will be exhibiting a capsule collection of clothes made with their products.

From horn to bone, from mother-of-pearl to polyester, Maribert's display has no limits in the use of materials, but the real new entry will be buttons with NFC technology which allows them to interact with smartphones. For those who love to be constantly 'connected', it is now possible to load washing instructions, links to social networks or a website, and much, much more, onto the button.

Abba Ricami is synonymous with technological innovation for embroidery with hand or machine-made sequin or bead applications purposefully modified for determined types of processing.

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HIGH TECHNOLOGY. The new frontier for product research, textile and accessory production: processing, dyeing and innovative washes.

ORIGIN PASSION AND BELIEFS would never be the same without that gem of Italian manufacturing whose heart is in the Marche and Abruzzo areas and which will play a leading role in Milan with Rete I.T.S., a network of six top quality companies with premises spread over two regions - two per region - and a history in the denim clothing production chain.
Rete I.T.S. companies will be presenting a collection of clothes that each company along the supply chain has made a contribution to. Networking, in which companies share resources, manpower and information, respect all the environmental and social sustainability rules and produce top quality items in an innovative manner, is the new way of doing business.

Itaclab Srl will be presenting items created with the latest generation dyeing techniques, thanks to its expert knowledge of the finishing sector. DIENPI Srl will be displaying unique labels and fashion tags, thanks to its selection of processing techniques and constantly new raw materials: paper, fabric, leather, eco-skins and jacron. Essential and rich creations decorated with studs, strass, embroidery and sewn-on stones. All labels have a lot number so that customers can trace the skin batch from which they came. Some can even be read on a Smartphone.
Mac Tec Srl will be exhibiting denim clothing processed with new water, electricity and gas energy-saving machinery and products treated with ice.

Abbigliamento G.&G. Srl will be offering products for men and women, all produced and finished in Italy. Denim trousers, jackets and shirts all made with traditional sewing techniques and manual touches throughout every phase of production, thus giving the garments that 'hint' of imperfection that makes them unique and inimitable.
ITV Denim will be proposing textiles that have undergone various treatments: from recycling, to selveging, to 100% pure cotton, interpreted from deep indigo to green cast, typical of the 1990s, with wefts that recall the open hand work of the 1980s.
Wash Italia Spa will be presenting garments characterized by, for example, flame-sprayng or slubs, so reminiscent of Japanese retrò.

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