4.0 Manufacturing Technology at ORIGIN PASSION AND BELIEFS


NFC technology applied to buttons and labels, latest generation 3D-effect digital printing,
modified machinery for creating exclusive patterns and decorations.

The Show, will feature several companies that have applied NFC technology to their products in order to communicate with smartphones through a short-range wireless connection.

Another type of innovative technology adopted by several companies involves avant-garde and elaborate applications on clothes using the latest generation, multi-head machinery, or specifically modified machinery and fabrics processed with laser techniques and 3D engraving.
The Maribert company will be exhibiting buttons made of horn, mother-of-pearl, bone and polyester equipped with their own NFC technology that allows them to interact with mobile phones. Information regarding washing instructions, links to social networks, websites, and so on, is loaded onto the product.

DIENPI is another company that uses NFC technology and will be exhibiting labels and tickets with an identification number that allows the customer to trace the skin lots and their origins with his/her mobile phone. The labels are devised with constantly new processing techniques and raw materials: paper, fabric, leather, eco-skins and Jacron. Creations can be simple or more complex with applications such as studs, strass, embroidery and sewn-on stones.

Gianluca, the producer that works with silk, cork and stone fabrics, also uses the same technology and applies NFC to its own electronic labels to inform the customer of every characteristic concerning the production or materials used.
But ORIGIN PASSION AND BELIEFS is not only about NFC. Blueitaly™ will be presenting 3D-effect digital printing, multi-level transparencies, new generation fringes and clothing that combine hi-tech and design solutions. Linea Ellebi Snc will be exhibiting new decorations created by overlapping a variety of materials and patterns made with strings or miniature lace-effect leather using special, newly-designed, multi-head machines.

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11 - 13 JULY, 2017

Opening hours: 9:00 AM - 6:30 PM

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