Examples of top Emilian quality at the 2017 edition of ORIGIN PASSION AND BELIEFS

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Unique manufacturing for textiles and knitwear, hand-machine embroidery, masterly prototypes for Tailoring and Haute Couture.

Ribelle from Modena, Ricami Laura from Reggio Emilia, Vittoria Bonini Sartoria from Bologna are just some of the companies representative of the Emilian economic framework that have chosen ORIGIN PASSION AND BELIEFS as a privileged showcase to present their new products at the same time as Milano Unica.

The Carpi district, known all over the world for its top quality textile and clothing sector, will be represented, among other companies, by Ribelle srl. The company will be exhibiting unique procedures made by in-house artisans who apply studs, rhinestones and cabochons by hand on all types of clothing and accessories.
Ricami Laura srl will be exhibiting the historical pedal-operated machines from the 60s and '70s on which the company's embroiderers still work today and will also be presenting numerous embroidery techniques on fabric, knitwear and leathers.
Vittoria Bonini Sartoria will be seizing the trade show opportunity to present the new series of prototypes and patterns for Tailored and Haute Couture clothing, a new company line, parallel to that of Wedding Gowns, the company's historical know-how.

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11 - 13 JULY, 2017

Opening hours: 9:00 AM - 6:30 PM

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